Dr. Jeremy Haefner
Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)


Ph.D. Mathematics – University of Wisconsin – 1986
M.A. Mathematics – University of Wisconsin – 1983
B.A. Mathematics – University of Iowa – 1979

Personal Experience and Expertise

Jeremy Haefner was appointed Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Rochester Institute of Technology in July 2008. As provost, Dr. Haefner is RIT’s Chief Academic Officer in charge of the education and research missions of the university. He oversees the nine colleges, two institutes, and three global campuses as well as a number of university-level programs. In close alignment with the president, his responsibilities include: recruiting and retaining deans and faculty; overseeing tenure and promotion processes; working closely with the Vice President for Research to encourage and support the Institute’s research goals; driving fundraising and budgetary priorities for the academic mission of RIT; championing the inclusive and global agenda for RIT; overseeing the library system, the registrar, University Advising, and international, industry, and K-12 Outreach;  and ensuring academic excellence through academic program management. He works closely with the Education Committee of the Board of Trustees to ensure the quality and integrity of the university's programs and policies.

In support of campus priorities, Dr. Haefner oversees a number of strategic initiatives for RIT including conversion of quarters to semesters, expanding the research profile of RIT, internationalizing the education experience for students and faculty, reform of general education, introduction of writing across the curriculum, academic program expansion at RIT’s global campuses, and an ongoing systemic approach to student success through increased retention and graduation rates.

He has created the University Studies program, which is designed for RIT students who may not be ready to declare a major or who wish to change their major. Through a leadership role in the Rochester General Health System and RIT alliance, Provost Haefner championed the Institute of Health Science and Technology, which includes RIT’s ninth college – the College of Health Science and Technology. He has developed a new framework by which academic programs are effectively managed through student learning outcomes and robust assessment processes, periodic program review, and careful alignment with resources. Most recently, he has lead the launch of the Innovative Learning Institute, RIT’s response to the changing online environment, the new non-traditional student, and technology enhanced teaching and learning effectiveness.

Provost Haefner is active in faculty recruitment and development and has successfully brought accomplished scholars and leaders as new deans to RIT. In helping faculty succeed with their research and scholarship, Dr. Haefner led a strategic initiative to balance teaching workloads with research expectations.

Driving all this change is a commitment to quality as measured by the student achievement of student learning outcomes, faculty success in research and creative work, and fulfilling the goals established by the President and the RIT Board of Trustees.

Prior to joining RIT, Dr. Haefner spent a portion of his academic career at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs where he served, over the course of 18 years, as Dean of Engineering and Applied Science, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Dean of the Graduate School, Chair of the Mathematics Department, and Director of the Teaching and Learning Center. In 1998, he was the inaugural recipient of the University of Colorado System President's Faculty Excellence Award for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Technology and the inaugural recipient of the Innovations in Teaching with Technology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Dr. Haefner has been honored with two national fellowships during his career. In 2006-2007, he was an American Council on Education Fellow while in 2002-2003, he held an Educause – National Learning Infrastructure Institute Fellowship.

A mathematician who studies integral representation and module theory, Dr. Haefner’s research has focused on characterizing the structure of the indecomposable building blocks for modules over integral group rings, an algebraic structure of importance to chemistry, physics and other sciences. Over the years, the National Security Agency, the National Science Foundation, the University of Tennessee, the University of Colorado, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the government of Spain have supported his research. He graduated from the University of Iowa where he majored in mathematics, and has an M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in 1983, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in 1986.

Dr. Haefner enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and participating in triathlons.