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A strong technical background and strategic management skills have been instrumental in Charley’s ability to bring new technologies online and realize institutional success in record time. A large part of this is due to his ability to create leaders and effective leadership teams. Charley is passionate about student and faculty success, especially as it relates to preparing generations of the country’s workforce.

Charley brought this experience to play immediately when he was hired at Illinois State University as its highest-ranking IT officer and turned around the IT organization’s reputation and morale. He has since championed various initiatives resulting, for example, in the implementation of a world-class Admissions CRM and predictive data models. 
Charley works with members of the university cabinet to understand the university’s goals and to craft a technology response; he is in his element translating highly technical designs to meet institutional goals.
He is currently working on town/county partnerships, to provide smart city and community digital initiatives with data collection and analytics support, and with cellular carriers for future 5G networks. As data evangelist, Charley is also promoting data sharing, analytics, and machine learning.